Chairman CEO Letter

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

Global power generation is approaching a crossroads in 2050 where demands for energy are estimated to triple in order to satisfy consumer and manufacturing needs. The world is facing the challenge of meeting those needs as resources are rapidly depleting and current practices cause accelerated climate change.

Consequently, this surge in demand can only be satisfied by switching to renewables as the new baseload, and this alternative green source for power generation will account for 50% of the power mix by the year 2030 and up to 85 – 90% by 2050.

Following the successful example many European countries, approximately half of their national energy demand is met by renewable energy at low power generation costs when compared to the cost of coal fired power generation.

In the unstable situation we are experiencing in Lebanon, and with no foreseeable dependable energy solution to the absence of centralized plants capable of supplying the market with a, uninterrupted 24/7 source of power, we turn to Renewable Energy. Harnessing the bountiful green power of our country, we make the practical use of renewable energy, the utmost way in resolving the issues of global proportions related to the sustainability of our society.

Our company RENERGY S.A.L. “Renewable Energy Solutions”, with its 20 years of experience in Lebanon and the Middle East in providing Turn-key Electrical Engineering Solutions, has been focusing on solutions with Green Energy for the past 5 years. Our complete end-to-end solutions reinforce our leading position in the industry as we partner with the client to provide an optimal efficient and valuable solution for the project.

RENERGY’s mission is to provide optimal sustainable power solutions while passionately transform the energy mix into renewable energy for a cleaner world, summarize our vision, values, and goals as well. We have taken a personal noble pledge to replace fossil fuel with renewable green energy in Lebanon and MEA while firmly keeping up to date with established successful global energy trends. Our excellence is reinforced by our outstanding personnel as well as capitalizing on the abundant natural resources in Lebanon and the Middle East.

RENERGY invariably operates with high aspirations and the discipline to increase exponentially its value proposition, which is its commitment to its partners and customers. We look forward to creating viable economical solutions to the singular energy needs of household and business in Lebanon and the MEA.

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Boueri

Chairman & CEO

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