Energy Efficiency & Management Systems

Part of our mission is to harness the power of our business to make a positive impact that benefits all our stakeholders starting by our employees, co-owners, customers, investors, the communities we live and work in, and the environment (of course)!


Smart Home Automation

Control appliances and other features within a home, such as lights or TV’s, via the internet. The appliances are connected through a smart home management system or hub, that operates through your home broadband Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely via an app on a smartphone or tablet.  A smart Home Automation is well programmed can flatten your peaks of energy consumption.


Smart lighting

If we break down our energy consumption, we find that lighting is one of our biggest issues because of the amount of light we require daily and the inefficiency of our current lighting solutions. It’s time to move forward to more efficient and sustainable long-term solutions by using high-tech LED lighting.


Green Water Fixtures

Green Water Fixtures are units that consume less water. By switching to green water fixtures, the flow of water and therefore power is reduced consequently. These fixtures include low-flow lavatories, kitchen sinks, shower heads, and urinals and can save a lot of energy.

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